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Social Workers

VNSNY social workers provide services to a wide-spectrum of individuals and families ranging from children to senior citizens. These services include advising family care givers, providing patient education and counseling as well as consultation to other community agencies and disciplines, case management interventions, and transitioning from the in-patient setting to home or care facility.

Social workers hold crucial roles in varied programs across VNSNY including Community Mental Health, Hospice, Intake (transitional care) for Home Care, Health Homes, and VNSNY CHOICE Health Plans. Their roles may find them helping a family that speaks little English locate services for a disabled child, or a patient who has suffered a catastrophic accident navigate the health insurance system, or assist a stroke victim in overcoming the depression that can accompany the loss of mobility. As part of the Hospice care team, they work with hospice patients and their families to grapple with end-of-life concerns. As one VNSNY social worker sums up her role, “We help you cope with life.”

All VNSNY social workers are licensed to work in New York State and have at least one year of experience in a health care setting. Other qualifications may apply, depending upon the program. On-going, intensive training is provided that is specially designed to address the needs of home health care patients.

Pharmacy Services Specialists

VNSNY pharmacy services specialists are licensed and registered in New York State to practice as a registered pharmacist. They provide technical, analytic and clinical support related to the management of VNSNY CHOICE pharmaceutical programs across all business lines. They act as a clinical pharmacy resource for clinical staff with medication management questions or pharmaceutical problems. This includes reviewing medication utilization for individual members and plans.

Home Health Aides

VNSNY and its private care affiliate, Partners in Care, place certified home health aides in all five boroughs of New York City, Nassau County, and parts of Westchester County. Home health aides spend more time with patients than nurses, therapists, and other members of the home health care team. They see changes in a client’s health or well-being that can affect care, and help improve the care plan by reporting their observations to the client’s coordinator of care. Home health aides’ duties have traditionally included preparing meals, helping clients to bathe and to dress themselves, and perhaps doing some light housekeeping. Instead of telling clients what to do, home health aides are trained to coach clients to form healthy habits and live better lives.

You can apply for job opportunities at Partners in Care through their careers website: